Dé Máirt 28 Meitheamh 2011

The Souls of Flowers - Pagan Musings

When a flower dies is it the same flower that grows back again the following year, or is that a new flower? Where does the dead flower go? What is the point of its existence for such a short period? It's adorable as a sprout, then it's beautiful as a blossom, and then it dies. Does a flower have a ghost? (I recall that Yeats wondered this.) Is that why people believe in reincarnation? The old flower dies but is reborn in a new blossom the following year?

Are people like flowers? You get a particularly beautiful blossom and then it dies. What is the point of a particular beauty and what happens to it in death? Is it merely a beautiful memory, and goes on to give its force to future blossoms? Is there such a thing as individuality in death?

How come flowers get to live their lives out fully? ...Unless they're plucked. When someone dies young and beautiful, is that them being plucked by some unseen hand? They're plucked because they're more beautiful than other blossoms, with a stronger fragrance.

Do surrounding flowers mourn a lost fellow blossom? When they die, do they meet with their old friend again?
Ironically, we pluck loads of flowers in their prime when we offer them to our own dead as a sacrifice. We bury someone young with young beautiful blossoms - do they join our friend in the next life?
Nature shows some continuation and renewal after death/Winter. In this way, is Nature showing us that there is an existence after death?

(Written March 2009)

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