Dé hAoine 9 Meán Fómhair 2011

Fire in Termonfeckin!

Having returned home from a delectable dinner out, myself and the parents settled in for a quiet Friday night in front of Only Fools and Horses. Though my chicken fajitas were a explosion of flavour, my tongue was now beginning to feel like sandpaper; as I went out to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, my phone began to ring. This was around 21:50, so I wasn't expecting to hear from anyone. It was our neighbour, who had been awoken by flashing blue lights and the frantics of a fireman using some of our estate's water. I ran upstairs, to find flame-lit smoke billowing from behind the houses facing us, and reflections of flames leaping in the window of our neighbours across from us. The fire appears to be still fiesty as I type.

Being the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to go out and investigate, putting on a jumper and grabbing a camera as I went. I heard the excited voices of young f'llas as I approached the scene, and beheld a gang on them sitting on a wall and taking it all in. The fire brigade were parked at the side of the road, with one of the fire officers guiding any approaching cars around the engine with a beacon. I crossed over the road to get a closer look, and took a few shots. I got talking to a man who lives around the corner, out with his two sons to see what was happening. According to him, the fire had been much higher. He had been putting the lads to bed, when he looked out the window and saw the flames. Apparently, the fire brigade had taken an hour to get here, and had come from Dunleer, which is 14km and around 20 minutes away from us here... Hmm, not impressed. We do have a fire brigade in Drogheda, which is much closer... No sign of the Gardaí.


The fire is in the bushes and trees to the back of our estate, beside the old farm house that was on Duffs Farm, part of which our estate was built on. 

This is obviously the result of 'divilment', someone or a group who have nothing else to do and decided to make some fun for themselves. (There's not much for young people to do around the village, but that's no excuse.) Nevermind the danger caused to other people living nearby, the damage to the environment and putting out the emergency services who should be free in the case of an accidental, possibly residential fire. Either Oíche Shamhna has come early, or someone decided to bring the London riots to Termonfeckin. (In a really lame way...) Let's just hope this doesn't become the trend for Friday nights in the dark months...


  1. Where was the fire in Termonfechin? Who's property?

  2. It was on the land that was Duffs Farm. No buildings were damaged, it was trees and bushes in a field behind our housing estate. It was fairly close to houses. Thankfully the wind wasn't bad that night, or it would've spread. There's an old stone farmhouse just on the field, that might've gone up if conditions were bad. I looked at the scene yesterday, and smoke is still coming out of some of the bushes.