Déardaoin 6 Deireadh Fómhair 2011

Poetry of the self - an avian song

I’ve been asked what kind of bird I would be if I was of the feathered brethren. As a complicated person, I’m a shape-shifter, and wouldn’t be just one bird…

I can be high & mighty and fierce as a hissy swan, with thunderous wings.
I can be as brutal and exact as a barn owl, tearing prey to shreds without mercy.
I can be as lyrical and shy as a blackbird, fleeing when someone stops to listen.
I can be as mournful as a curlew, knowing my kind is dying away.
I can be as friendly and inquisitive as a robin, and just as scarlet!
I can be as flighty and airy as a wagtail, delighting in nonsensical things.
I can bawl like a peacock, and can be fond of my own plumage.
I can be consumed in my own path like a swallow, having to dodge an obstacle in my path at the last minute.
I can be as pensive as a crow, but need to acquaint myself with that darkness…
I can reforge myself as a phoenix, having been burned, but then so can everyone.

© Alison Ní Dhorchaidhe 2011

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